We look forward to providing you with a great travel as well as quilting experience. Sometimes we have questions. You are more than welcome to email your specific questions, but, perhaps you will find your answers here.

May I pay with credit card or check?

    We prefer to have a credit card number on file in case there are any additional items you would like to add to your trip     such as land excursions, hotel rooms, etc. If you prefer you may send checks.

When is the final payment due?

    Final payment is due 90 days prior to sailing. You may send payments anytime prior to the 90 day limit if you would         like to pay for your trip over time.

Do I need a passport

    For us, yes. It is much easier for you when you travel.

When will we have quilting classes?

    When we are cruising, we will quilt. We want you to be able to visit ports when we are not cruising, The sewing area will     be open at night after dinner for those that would like to work.

Do we need to bring our sewing machines?

    No. A Janome machine will be provided on the ship.

What do I bring for quilting?

    Prior to sailing we will send you a list of all the items you will need to work on your project. We would suggest that you     pack all sharp objects in your checked luggage for security reasons. 

Do I need travel insurance?

   We highly recommend that you get travel insurance. The insurance covers the cost of the cruise only. The quilt kits are      non-refundable. Travel Guard is what we recommend. A quote will be sent to you via email once we receive your                deposit.   For more information about Travel Guard please click here.

What if do not have a roommate. Will you help me find one?

   We will do our best to find you a roommate but there are no guarantees. Don't forget friends and family members are      welcome even if they do not quilt.

When will I get my quilting kit?

    Your quilting kit will be in your stateroom when you arrive for the cruise.

May I organize my own Quilt and Cruise trip?

    If you have a group of friends or fellow quilters that would like to travel we will do our best to make that happen.              If there is space on the ship to quilt, sewing machines available, teachers to be found and cabins available, we might         be able to make it happen.